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World Heritage Pécs

Valuable Pécs

The ’Valuable Pécs’ project spanning from 2012 to 2015 focused on attracting audience to historical values.

In its framework, the Cella Septichora Visitor Center including Sopianae’s early Christian cemetery was renewed, the Medieval University presenting the history of Pécs throughout the Middle Ages was inaugurated as well as several buildings belonging to religious groups presenting Pécs – Jewish, Orthodox and Calvinist communities – were renovated. The project insured a new, modern exhibition concept more structured than its predecessors, which had numerous innovative components, including multimedia applications, 3D animations, theme-based images and maquettes; all in the service of providing a more efficient and up-to-date guide to visitors. The 3D animations and multimedia applications at the World Heritage Sites are also important in many respects, for example the presentation of heritage preservation and conservation or in the interactivity of museum pedagogy programs.

Cella Septichora:



Peter and Paul burial chamber:



Tomb No. V:



Tomb No. XIX-XX: